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Single Review: “Love Story” by Taylor Swift

September 9, 2008

Taylor has had a huge career with her first album having not only her first #1 hit, but consistent top 10 hits as well. However her success has also led her to pop radio and thus controversial dominance in the country music world.

It was my personal hope, and likely the hope of her country supporters, that the first single from her sophomore project would bring back the country music shine that her career started with, sadly this is not the case. What this song does show is Taylor’s increasingly apparent talent for storytelling by creating a Romeo & Juliet scenario of her own. However this “love story” as it is appropriately called comes off a more of a teenage struggle for acceptance in the family of a crush and the longing of two young individuals to be together…at least for now.

As impressive as this song is in writing, it becomes the first expression of the vocal flaws in Taylor’s range and how much she can be held back with a production that hides nothing from the ears of the critical listener. Thus Taylor turns in an increasingly impressive storytelling style, but an increasingly immature performance.

Grade: B

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