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Single Review: “Unseen” by Katie Armiger

September 3, 2008

Only in her late teens Katie has already secured her place among the greats of under-rated country music newcomers. Her first album was a huge success among cult fans of hers and now with her sophomore project comes her latest single “Unseen”.

Packed with her powerful voice that spans way beyond her years this song isn’t pure magic, but it’s damn close. Katie puts herself in the persona of a girl telling off her lover for being contradicting in his attentiveness towards her and their relationship, paying attention to her and looking at her without really seeing anything. The message is great, the voice is flawless, so what could put this tune down?…..Well the production. Compared to what she has already offered up this song feels almost as if it was a demo track in a way. It lacks the perfection that her first few singles did with its background arrangement which sadly takes away from it. Some parts are underdone while others are overproduced to the point where one struggles to understand her.

Despite this flaw this song is quite impressive for an artist so young. It is approached with a lot of maturity and experience which leaves to question, why hasn’t this girl made it to the big time yet?

Grade: B-


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  1. September 4, 2008 5:35 pm

    I 100% agree with this I like the song, like the vocals , I like everything about it excpet the production. It really takes awa from the song. Hopefully though she catches on soon because I think she’s better than Taylor and would probably have a longer career than her if on a major label.

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