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Album Review: “Do You Believe Me Now?” by Jimmy Wayne

August 27, 2008

Do You Believe Me Now

After several years and attempts Jimmy Wayne finally offers up his sophomore major release off of Valory Records. Jimmy’s first album was an entertaining and outward feel of modern country music. What is interesting is that this album doesn’t sound like that at all. In fact it is a totally different approach from Jimmy’s past attempt at the big time.

This huge shift is from a modern country sound to a borderline country/rock/pop mix that shines in some places, and in others dims quite a bit. One area it shines is in the album’s title track and its first offering. “Do You Believe Me Now?” incorporates some twangy country picking with a little bit of hard core electric jamming to produce a quite effective song of heartbreak and personal regret. Jimmy supports the power behind the instrumentals with powerful vocal performances of a tortured soul forced to come to grips with his underestimating a potentially threatening man in connected to his ex.

This mix of different sounds shines quite well in a few other works as well. “Kerosene Kid“, self-penned by Jimmy, is written about a poor boy who observes the wealthy world around him with envy. By mixing heavy guitars and sincere vocals the listener gets both a highly pleasing song and a feeling of personal relevance from Jimmy in this project. “Brighter Days” also appropriately shines a little. Though a little cliche, acting as a inspiration to his listeners that better times are on their way through his attempt to inspire straying lover to keep hope, it actually pulls of a unique and individual sound and approach to the concept that adds a lot to Jimmy’s credit.

What doesn’t add to this album is where it fails to mix the several sound that are incorporated into it. “I Will“, although quite romantic, sounds thrown together and a little bunched up in Jimmy’s attempt to woo his lover. In addition, “I’ll Be That” also comes off a little drug on and confusing at times making it quite easy to ignore and pass over for the next track.

The remainder of the album lacks many highlights. There are a few songs with potential, but none that really seem to catch quite as well as its highlighted tunes. However, they don’t fail like the others. They sit right in the middle of decency and horrendous. The closing tracks are part of this group. “I Didn’t Come Here To Lose” is actually quite inspiring, but leans the album a little to far towards the personal scars that Jimmy has faced. “Where You’re Going” is also decent in its own right, but again focuses towards a cliched message that is also slightly over the top. One very bright and shining point in this album is the mix of Jimmy and Patty Loveless on the one seemingly flawless track on the album, “No Good For Me“.

Now the worst part of this project is that Jimmy took the time to take his two biggest hits, “Stay Gone” and “I Love You This Much“, and dimine them to mach the style of this album. WRONG!!! Those two songs were perfect as they were and were among the best on his first album. This time around they come off a little show-offish and overdone in many parts while underdone instrumentally.

So while Jimmy has succeeded and incorporating a whole new mic into his sophomore project, it is quite far from superstar quality. His debut album was much better conceived and contained more country-based and enjoyable music than this one. That’s not to say this work is a total loss, its quite good in parts. However its low points overshadow what could have been a magnificent blend of musical styles in country music.


3 Stars


Produced by Mark Bright, Joe West and Dave Pahanish



  1. Do You Believe Me Now
  2. I Will
  3. I’ll Be That
  4. Brighter Days
  5. One On One
  6. Kerosene Kid
  7. No Good For Me
  8. True Believer
  9. I Didn’t Come Here To Lose
  10. Where You’re Going
  11. Stay Gone (bonus track)
  12. I Love You This Much (bonus track)
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