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Single Review: “When it Rains” by The Eli Young Band

August 22, 2008

Although this song was reviewed a while back, it has been requested that it be re-posted. The Eli Young Band, led by none other than Eli Young, have been considered cross-country for the entirety of their career, or most of it. Thus it is no surprise to see them offering up a single that stretches the boundaries of the genre. On that note, they pull this one off quite well. “When It Rains” provides simple, yet effective vocal renditions to Eli Young’s character suffering with loneliness only comparing to the earth and those around him when it rains.

In a message that would have otherwise been overpowered or could have easily been overwritten, it is worth noting that Eli is able to project an aura of shame and self-pity from his character and allow the song to flow for itself. It might be a little underdone, but in the end it comes off a catchy and actually a little addictive. The song is not #1 status, but should probably be given its due credit considering it has the potential to produce a major stepping stone in creativity in production styles for the future.

Grade: B


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  1. Zac permalink
    February 8, 2009 3:58 pm

    There’s actually no such person as Eli Young, at least in the Eli Young Band. The name comes from the last names of Mike Eli (lead singer) and James Young (guitarist). I like your work a lot, but don’t just assume all the “name bands” are the same.

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