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Album Review: “C’Mon” by Keith Anderson

August 21, 2008

C'monKeith Anderson, after a long two year wait, has finally managed to get his sophomore album out onto store shelves. The talented songwriter and country rocker made a huge splash with his debut, “Pickin’ Wildflowers”, but it was his emotional single “Everytime I Hear Your Name” that sparked his fame and thus this album helps introduce a more sentimental side to go with this party animals fun loving personality.

This powerful side is apparent in the second, but most popular single from the album “I Still Miss You“. This song puts Keith in the position of trying to eliminate love and memories to no avail. It is with such songs that Keith makes his sophomore album shine much brighter than his fast paced debut, which also hit its high points in the few ballads Keith offered up.

Keith opens up even more on tracks like “She Could’ve Been Mine” and “I Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody But Me“. “She Could’ve Been Mine” is a relatively overused message, regret of losing a chance at perfect love, but it comes over quite well showing off his vocal range in ways that only Keith’s party songs have done thus far. The story progresses only to reveal a deeper sense of regret from both the lyric and Keith himself. “I Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody But Me” is much different as Keith sits at a bar drowning his sorrows although he realizes this tactic won’t really do him any good in the end, it will just leave him and him alone in pain an misery.

The rest of the album is quite flawed however. Even the powerful rendition of Keith’s co-penned “Lost In This Moment“, previously a #1 hit for Big & Rich (John Rich having wrote it), comes over as easily ignored. Several songs contain questionable writing and/or purpose. “Break My Heart” is ineffective and overproduced while “Somebody Needs A Hug” is a little childish and annoying. Even the title track is questionable, it really just sounds like another rendition of your typical redneck party songs and doesn’t shine as brightly as Keith tries to make it.

Still this album has more bright spots and dark spots in relation to Keith’s debut album, which served as entertaining but quite loud and obnoxious at times. The first single, “Sunday Morning In America“, is another of these bright sides, taking a look at the life of this famous weekend day in American society from a whole new spectrum from songs of its type. “Adaliene” also adds some light to the shadow by bringing some well established creativity to the table using a tattoo to look back on the memory of great person.

In conclusion, Keith has made some great strides, but he still has miles to go. This album compliments his increasingly impressive effort to become an essential artist and show off what he can do away from the paper and pen. He provides more sentimental and powerful mixes in this project, but still preserves his fun personality and songwriting prowess. It may be far from its potential, but it still trumps Keith’s debut project as far a growth and significance to the music scene.


3 Stars


Produced by Jeffrey Steele



  1. C’Mon
  2. Break My Heart
  3. Somebody Needs A Hug
  4. She Could’ve Been Mine
  5. Sonday Morning In America
  6. I Still Miss You
  7. Crazy Over You (featuring Foster & Lloyd
  8. I Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody But Me
  9. Adaliene
  10. Lost In This Moment
  11. Closest I’ve Ever Been
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