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Single Review: “Muddy Water” by Trace Adkins

August 5, 2008

Trace seems to have an ear for really unique songs. This time around Trace introduces fans to an inevitable collection of new material with a song about redemption and revelation.

While avoiding the traditional crying and weeping feel of these types of songs, Trace takes the character of a man who is realizing his wrongs in life and coming to terms with it as he heads back home to the muddy waters of the country side. Combining simple lines with more symbolic ones Trace’s character makes a inspiration mini-journey as the song progresses in hopes of reaching forgiveness for how he has lived his life. While the story could have used more work, leaving the character simply resting in a church next to the river and the question of what he did exactly to feel the way he does, this song definitely helps Trace stand out and contains both an inspiring and entertaining feel that is sure to keep him at the top of his game.

Grade: B-

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