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Single Review: “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” by Kenny Chesney

August 5, 2008

Ah, back from vacation….and what better way to continue than by reviewing the latest offering from Kenny Chesney. Country music’s resident beach bum offers everything you would expect from him in this tune, tropical instruments and party time feel included. That being said, dos it offer anything new for his upcoming album.

It actually does. This song was slated as a George Strait tune, but Kenny got to it first as a single and thus the song contains much of the influence Kenny got from George both as a singer and as a friend, if you recall his duet with Strait “Shiftwork”. The lyric preaches about how everyone inevitably wants to go to heaven…someday. Despite all the hustle and bustle about living a good life, no-one wants to live that perfect and boring life and on that same note no-one wants to die and go to heaven right now. So in his true laid back fashion we find Kenny basically saying that “everybody want to go to heaven, but nobody want to go now“.

As you can see there are some cliches in there that add some displeasure to the song. Kenny sings parts of the song in the lingo of a Jamaican native, which takes away from the enjoyment of the song and comes off a more annoying than entertaining. Despite its very similar structure that makes it almost to close to Kenny’s other works, this song isn’t half bad and is quite enjoyable. However it would be more enjoyable if it didn’t try so hard to fit in with the island feel it expresses.

Grade: B-

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