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Single Review: “When I Said I Would” by Whitney Duncan

July 16, 2008

Former Nashville Star contestant Whitney Duncan has surprisingly been picked up by Warner Bros., the label that offered a contract to her season’s winner Angela Hacker and provided host Cowboy Troy and judge Blake Shelton to help with the decision process.

Although Duncan really failed to stand out through the competition, her high point was as a songwriter with her own work in “Skinny Dipping”. This new song was also co-written by her and has the same enjoyment and energy that her performance of original material on the low-grade reality show did. What also sparkles about it is that it takes a common idea from a song and shifts it into a totally original scheme. In the song, Whitney has offered her love to a man and only to be disappointed by how little he values her commitment. Thus we find her revealing his faults when it comes to a relationship and his unfortunate misunderstanding of how to be in love as well a Whitney’s regret for jumping into everything to fast.

Nashville star has failed to produce any real stars outside of Miranda Lambert. So it would be foolish to predict a successful run for Whitney. However, she may surprise. This song is catchy, well written, and simple enough to please the ear. She just may have a good shot if this song is given the opportunity.


Grade: B

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