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Single Review: “Off The Hillbilly Hook” by Trailer Choir

July 10, 2008

The Trailer Choir are fresh off of Showdog Records boosted by popularity steaming from their connection to Toby Keith. So it is significant that these guys burst to the scene with a song and sound all there own that separates them from Toby and the other bands out there. They’ve got the image, as diverse as Trick Pony used to be, and the fan following, but do they have the sound.

This song, featured on the Beer For My Horses soundtrack, is a party song for the hillbilly, if you couldn’t tell. In an interesting fashion this trio manages to mix traditional country with some southern rock and a little bit of solid rock n’ roll to create one of the centuries more original country party songs, the kind of song that you would hear in the speakers of every truck you pass on the back roads of the farm country or on the i-pods of every tractor driver in America. With that in mind this is a decent effort for a first try. There still seems to be a little Toby influence mixed in there, but if they can polish that out a little bit this band may actually have a chance in this changing world of country music.


Grade: B+

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