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Single Review:”Lookin’ For A Good Time” by Lady Antebellum

June 6, 2008

Lady Antebellum continues their promise of becoming a lasting force on the country music scene with their follow up single from their debut album. This time Hillary shares vocals with Charles to present a cross gender conversation in one of the best songs off of their debut project. Charles plays a man in a bar scene looking for a girl willing to enjoy the night without the fear of commitment and Hillary plays that girl. She shows a sense of caution, yet willingness to the idea as the two harmonize to express a common goal in their get together.

Filled with a catchy and almost unforgettable instrumental arrangement and amazing harmonies fixed into the contemplation of killing loneliness and just having a good time with no commitment or regrets to suffer from, this song shows off every aspect of the trio’s performance and vocal talent all at once. When deciding on a sophomore single from an album of already flawless material, the trio shows off every aspect of their artistry that was not shown in their debut hit “Love Don’t Live Here” and prove to country radio and its listeners that they trulybelong in the ranks of today’s most entertaining and popular artists and that there’s more to them than meets the eye. Sure this may not be the perfect song, but it defiantly leaves its mark on the listener.


Grade: A

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