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Single Review: “Troubadour” by George Strait

June 2, 2008

With the accomplishments that George has to his name it is no surprise that his latest single is a timely and righteous tribute to his struggles as a musician to get to where he is today. A Troubadour is defined as a singer of folk songs or a small time performer who wonders around spreading their work with little or no significant feedback required. George knows more than anyone that every artist starts off this way. He has worked his way to 50+ #1 singles, countless #1 albums, several huge awards, and a career that is second maybe only to Garth Brooks.

The king of country music uses the title track to his new album to express his personal connection to his career and success, specifically showing that despite all his accomplishments he will still just be that traveling singer at heart. The song has it’s flaws though. While it’s meaning is respectful and appropriate, it falters a little in performance. Vince Gill sings a little bit of backup that really doesn’t shine as well as it should, in fact he seems almost in the way, a very rare fault to both artists, and takes away a little of the personal feeling between the lyrics and George’s performance. In addition the song is a little boring through the middle, with the high points in both lyric and voice occurring at the beginning and in the final chorus. Despite these very minor setbacks though it is another solid performance from King George.

Grade: B+

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  1. naenae permalink
    May 21, 2010 2:45 am

    Are you kidding??? This song is amazing!!!

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