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Single Review: “Angels Fly Away” by Eric Durrance

June 2, 2008

The newest artist off of Wind-Up records, the biggest selling record label worldwide, is Mr. Eric Durrance. In his debut single Eric sings about meeting a homeless man who basically changes his life by revealing to him that every thought and every word you want to share should be let out and released right there and then because sometimes you won’t get another chance, “sometimes angels fly away“. For Eric, that homeless man is an angel sent to him to help him understand this common mistake made by the average American.

The beauty of this song is that it’s not centered around what Eric does with this advice, but instead is centered around his relationship with the homeless man who helps him understand and appreciate the world and the people around him a lot more. It adds to the feel and sincerity of the song and instead of spilling tears, it fills the listener with inspiration and maybe a sense of hope and realization for how much they really are loved in this world. If this is any sign of what Durrance has to offer, then bring it on. The message is a little cliche, and it is a little overproduced, but other than that pretty much flawless.


Grade: B+

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