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News: Taylor Swift Shows She’s Still A Typical High School Senior

May 29, 2008

In a recent interview with GAC, Taylor Swift revealed her strategy for becoming such a huge teenage star while still being able to accept her diploma this June as a graduating senior. Like all seniors, Taylor made the choice to coast through her final year as a highschooler. So despite her fame and seemingly mature and responsible personality that have given her an adult image in the eyes of many fans, she still proves that she is a typical high school senior and that she still has that childhood aspect about her. Taylor loves to have fun and act her young age sometimes, an admirable quality when mixed with her mature outlook on things, and accourding to her records her coasting through her final high school year is no real surprise. She had apparently worked so hard and did so well in her educational process that she only needed to pick two classes, unrelated to actual requirements like math and science, that she needed to graduate. GAC quoted her stating:

“I chose public speaking and musical performance. So I kind of coasted my senior year, as seniors usually do. Musical performance: I was on tour with Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley, so that occurred every night — me singing in front of people happened a lot this year. And public speaking: Every single time I did a radio interview, every single time I got on stage and said, ‘How we doin’, Houston?’ — you know, that’s public speaking. So, senior year’s been pretty good.”

The 18-year-old award winning singer/songwriter has set up quite a resume for herself already and proven her worth to the music business. With her career already in full swing, Taylor has a #1 single under her belt, consistant top 10’s, a huge pop career on the side, and a triple platinum #1 album that was recently nominated for an ACM award. She has also stacked up several awards of her own including many best new artist awards. So even though her choice for her senior year may lack some creativity or even much educational significance, Taylor has already made quite a start to her choice of careers and certainly doesn’t need much out of her courses at this point to get her far.


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