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Single Review: “Out The Window” by Ashley Gearing

May 26, 2008

My, my, my has she grown up sense her first radio single, “Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You”, at age 12. It was only a matter of time before this childhood music prodigy became a grown lady and made her way back into the spotlight. This time, now 16, she avoids the heart-wrenching feel that her first single offered to country music fans and goes for a more upbeat tune.

Like stars before her, such as Trisha Yearwood and Sara Evans, Ashley tries to express the concept of the teenage girl deciding to conquer life on her own, however this time it’s not because of a rebellious attitude towards her father hating her bf or just leaving suds in the bucket and driving off. Instead the character in Ashley’s song climbs out the window and with that so does the innocent little girl that her parent knew. This song is appropriate for Ashley as a young woman finally making her way back to the music industry and beginning to grow up and separate from those dependent ties to her parents. Despite this, it may lack some of the hook in the lyrics that other songs of its type have. That may injure it’s run a little bit, but as a reintroduction to this lovely voice it really isn’t that bad.


Grade: B+

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