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News: Kenny Chesney Follows Up ACM Comments For Fans

May 22, 2008

In response to his controversial statement about his own ACM Award win for Entertainer of The Year, Kenny Chesney has posted a letter to his fans to clear up any confusion as to his intentions for making the comment. After his ACM victory, Kenny criticized his own victory due to the nature of the win. He did not agree with the ACM Award’s new fan voted setup for the Entertainer award. Instead he stated belief that the award should have gone to who the Academy professionals voted as the hardest working and most dedicated of the nominees which included fellow artists Brad Paisley, George Strait, Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts.

It is important to point out that Kenny rejected the process after actually winning the award. This demands a lot of respect considering that he is showing not only concern for how much he actually deserved the win, but how much his competition might have as well. The now four time winner no doubt has a great deal of understanding towards the significance of this award to an artist. It takes a great deal of admiration for one’s fellow artists to send out comments like Mr. Chesney’s after winning such a prestigious reward at the hands of the fans he cherishes so much. Only a few days after his comments were made Kenny has felt the sting of misunderstanding with both journalists and fans alike taking his disappointment towards a fan voted process the wrong way. After winning his award Kenny commented the following in his speech:

“Thank you so much everybody. This one is really extra special, because long before I had a hit record, the fans always came to the shows. I want to thank you guys for voting and for being there for me. … I want to thank my mom and dad for having sex so many years ago and being responsible for me being up here tonight. But seriously, a lot of great artists and people who mean a lot to this business have stood up here in years past, and I’m honored to be up here for the fourth year in a row. God bless y’all. Thank you so much.”


His acceptance speech shows a sincere and thankful feeling towards his win and towards the fans for making it possible. However, his rejection of the voting system backstage has led to what many believe is a contradiction of this speech. In a very professional manner Kenny has resorted to getting in touch with his fans one on one through an untouched and solid statement of his own to ensure his fans of his thankfulness, but to explain his continued disappointment with the new fan voted system that won it for him.

To read Kenny’s comment you can visit and click News.

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