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Single Review: “Sounds So Good” by Ashton Shepherd

May 20, 2008

Ashton has earned her place as one of the genre’s most underrated and underestimated artists to date. Her voice rings with sincerity and enjoyment for what she does and the music she makes. Once again we find her with a single written on her own that seems much more relative and personal than her debut hit. That’s not to say that “Takin’ Off This Pain” was a bad song choice or lacked any power from Ashton, however it would take research to descover any relevance of that song to Ashton’s personal life while this fun and upbeat tune screams connection and relation to her. Every word seems to flow as if she was writing and singing it for the first time right there on the radio.

Ashton drops the complicated and overpowering metaphors and resorts to simplified and immediately relative speech that allows her listeners to connect with the song as if it was written about them. She allows a fun and enjoyable listen, but also allows memories of younger days to resurface as she converses with her lover about sitting under the stars and just enjoying that good old country lifestyle that has become the background for most recent works and the fantasy of countless country music fans. If are where any questions remaining as to what is so special about living in the middle of nowhere and escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, this song covers all of them from the stars in the open and bright sky to driving with the windows down with no city noise to destroy the mood.

Actually the lack of this city noise is the centerpiece of the song as the chorus describes sounds from a cooler slushing around to the whippoorwill at night and the beauty and grace that these noises bring to a person’s life in the country. Ashton is able to describe the beauty and the blessings that come with the country life by associating sounds to the attractiveand significant aspect of life out in the open fields. I admit that upon hearing this song at first I pictured the lack of power and the simplicity as weak points, but the song is meant to be smooth and easy on the high notes and it should be relieved of the seemingly more creative symbols that would have made it more complicated. Without these you have a very stripped down and deep look into Ashton as a person and a great tune that will surely make the summer time hit list and hit home with countless fans and prove to those who had doubts that Ashton is a true work of art in this genre.


Grade: B

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