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ACM Awards 2008 Prediction Recap

May 19, 2008

Well I know it’s late into the show, but heres a recap of my earlier predictions of the 2008 ACM awards.

Entertainer Of The Year

  • Brad Paisley
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Rascal Flatts
  • George Strait
  • Keith Urban

My pick: Brad Paisley – I’ve always thought he was overlooked as an artist throughouthis career and short and simple to see him come this far it’s about time he wins this award.

Likely Winner: Keith Urban – Considering it’s fan voted I’ll go out on a limb and say Keith Urban will take it away with little effort. After his GH CD and multiple top 10s he seems to have become more of a fan based artist than a radio based celebrity. He loves his fans, he loves his music and he loves his job and that will probably reflect on him as he spars with some of his toughest compatition to see who is the favorite.

Top Male Vocalist
Rodney Atkins
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Keith Urban

My pick: Rodney Atkins – I’m a huge fan of the underdog. Rodney is seemingly the fill in for this catagory, but he’s scored four straight #1’s, had a #1 album, all his videos have gone #1 on CMT, and two of his songs ruled the end of the year rankings for the past two years. Although Rodney is up against some heavy hitters, I think he’s by far the most deserving of this honor.

Likely Winner: Kenny Chesney – Having not won the ward sense 2002 I think this will be a good year for Kenny. He’s already nabbed two #1 songs from his latest album which also went #1 on the country charts in its opening week. In fact “Never Wanted Nothin’ More” was his fastest #1 to date. Kenny has just had a runaway year with the business and I believe the fan favorite will be the most likely to take it this year.


Top Female Vocalist
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
LeAnn Rimes
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

My pick: Taylor Swift – This youngster may not have a lot of years on her, but she has made it up with experience. Taylor has dominated every portion of her career so far and it has yet to go to her head. Her connection with the younger crowd has helped bring in a whole new generation into the genre. Not to mention she hit #1 for 6 weeks and her album dominated the charts for almost a solid two months even though it didn’t debut there.

Likely Winner: Carrie Underwood – Hasn’t missed any #1 spot there is to miss yet in country music. Taylor is probably the only one who can compete with Carrie, but that doesn’t mean anything. Carrie is the Brooks & Dunn of these awards today. It would be stupid to count her out in any way for this one.

Top Vocal Group
Diamond Rio
The Eagles
Emerson Drive
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts

My pick: The Eagles – Their two disk album is a masterpiece and dominated the industry by hitting platinum is days. They may not have originated in country music, but they have made a huge splash in their return. They are the only group that can contend with Rascal Flatts and I’m really routing for some competition in this one for a change.

Likely Winner: The Eagles – Traditional legends usually get the sympathy that they deserve these days. Even if Rascal Flatts take the awards, anyone who knows them knows they are highly influenced by The Eagles so I predict another give away award like they did for Alabama if the Eagles don’t just take it from the start like they should.

Top Vocal Duo
Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Halfway To Hazard
Montgomery Gentry

My pick: Sugarland – I think Sugarland have done enough to give B&D more than their fair share of competition in these categories. With a few #1’s and album sales well above that of B&D today I think Sugarland have taken the lead in this category for sure. Not to mention they are a headlining tour while B&D have decided to open some shows instead of a full scale tour for the time being.

Likely Winner: Sugarland – They’re the fan favorite. These two have caused such a buzz in the genre with their powerhouse songs that I don’t believe there is any competition. If B&D beat them it will not be a very deserving win. These two have defiantly become country musics most powerful duo.
Top New Male Vocalist
Luke Bryan
Jack Ingram
Jake Owen

My pick: Luke Bryan – This isn’t really an exciting category for me this year. Luke has the most appealing CD, voice and talent of the three and has also made his mark as an accomplished songwriter in Billy Currington’s #1 hit. I think he deserves it the most just because he is very underestimated.

Likely Winner: Jack Ingram – Jack has the most experience and probably the most devoted fans of the three duo to his years of hard attempts to get into the genre. He scored a debut #1 and has consistent top 20 hits. He may not be much to brad about in terms of album sales, but he has defiantly attracted what could be the most solid fan base and the most consistent record. I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s got it.

Top New Female Vocalist
Sarah Buxton
Kellie Pickler
Taylor Swift

My pick: Sarah Buxton– She won’t win, but I can dream. Sarah has a very good voice and performance and a very bubbly personality. She’s just a very bright and appealing person and has a solid country vocal to her credit as well as bragging rights for her songwriting success. I’d love to see her win this award just for the hopes of her album being pushed more as well as her singles.

Likely Winner: Taylor Swift– I don’t wanna see any tears or surprise if she pulls this off. I mean after winning a CMA award, a CMT award and scoring a Grammy nomination all in the same type of category, why would it be any different here? She’s got this one in the bag.


Top New Duo or Vocal Group
Carolina Rain
Lady Antebellum
The Wreckers

My pick: Lady Antebellum – I just like these guys. They bring a very catchy vocal performance and debut single to the table. It may be to early to see if they are actually in the genre, cut and dry, but I think they deserve this one just so that they are accepted, no questions asked. I think there’s more to this group than people realize.

Likely Winner: Lady Antebellum or The Wreckers– There isn’t much to narrow down which of these two will take the award, but their fan following and attention on and of of radio put them well ahead of Carolina Rain so one of these two will win this award.

Album of the Year
5th Gear, Brad Paisley
Producer: Frank Rogers

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Miranda Lambert
Producers: Frank Liddell, Mike Wrucke

Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates, Kenny Chesney
Producers: Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney

If You’re Going Through Hell, Rodney Atkins
Producers: Rodney Atkins, Ted Hewitt

Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift
Producers: Scott Borchetta, Nathan Chapman, Robert Ellis Orrall

My pick: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Miranda Lambert– I was very impressed with this album. Miranda defiantly shows off her never-ending songwriting prowess here and brings in a gentle variety of cross-over country and traditional and modern sound that has become her trademark. Miranda brings together easy listening and enjoyable lyrics into one of the years most critically acclaimed albums. It would be a shame to see such a highly successful piece of work go to waste.

Likely Winner: 5th Gear, Brad Paisley– Brad is a favorite in this category and this is one of his favorite categories to be in. The album brings in a mix of every emotion and sound that has made country music what it is as well as adding in his comical Kung-Pow skit and his traditional instrumental. Brad has found a system that works for him and I believe it will make this his award to win.

Single Record of the Year
“Don’t Blink,” Kenny Chesney
Producers: Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney

“Famous in a Small Town,” Miranda Lambert
Producers: Frank Liddell, Mike Wrucke

“Lost in This Moment,” Big & Rich
Producers: Big Kenny, John Rich

“Stay,” Sugarland
Producers: Kristian Bush, Byron Gallimore, Jennifer Nettles

“Watching Airplanes,” Gary Allan
Producers: Gary Allan, Mark Wright

My pick: “Don’t Blink”, Kenny Chesney– This is the category I am least familiar with. However I do know that the songs that win this category possess a blend of success and power. This song does both. Kenny delivers one of his most powerful and successful performances to date that has touched people from all walks of life and spreads one of the most honorable messages that could have been put to words. It was my song of the year and its my single of the year.

Likely Winner: “Don’t Blink”, Kenny Chesney– With the chart success that this song had in its run on the charts, this is a no brainer. I wouldn’t count out any of the other #1’s in this category, but this song has the whole package that usually brings a win in this category.

Song of the Year
“Don’t Blink”
Artist: Kenny Chesney
Writers: Casey Beathard, Chris Wallin

“Lost in This Moment”
Artist: Big & Rich
Writers: Keith Anderson, Rodney Clawson, John Rich

Artist: Emerson Drive
Writers: Dave Berg, Annie Tate, Sam Tate

“Watching You”
Artist: Rodney Atkins
Writers: Rodney Atkins, Steve Dean, Brian White

Artist: Sugarland
Writer: Jennifer Nettles

My pick: “Don’t Blink”, Kenny Chesney– This is my favorite song from 2007 so of course I’m gonna pick it. It has a powerful message and a great performance that makes it one of Kenny’s most memorable and effective performances to date. It’s literally a perfect song in every aspect.

Likely Winner: “Watching You”, Rodney Atkins– The top song of 2007 spread Rodney’s connection to is son. What more can you ask for. It’s easy to look at the other 4 nominees and say that they’ll win because they are powerful tearjerkers, but I think Rodney may leap from the shadows to win this one.


Video of the Year
“Don’t Blink,” Kenny Chesney
Producer: Tacklebox Films
Director: Shaun Silva

“Lost in This Moment,” Big & Rich
Producers: Big Kenny, Steve Lamar, Marc Oswald
Directors: Robert Deaton, George Flanigen

“Online,” Brad Paisley
Producer: Frames Per Second
Director: Jason Alexander

“Stay,” Sugarland
Producers: Kristian Bush, Byron Gallimore, Jennifer Nettles
Director: Shaun Silva

“Watching You,” Rodney Atkins
Producer: Broken Poet Production
Director: Eric Welch

My pick: “Stay”, Sugarland– Jennifer goes all out in the video in the best way. She gets really into the part and the lyrics to produce sincere and true tears that actually had her band mate worrying about her on the set. Although the song is a black background with her singing, it shows just how personal and effective this song can be and captures the true emotion hidden behind the simple words and guitar.

Likely Winner: “Online”, Brad Paisley– Filled with cameo appearances, this is another one of Brad’s great videos. It scored #1 for the year on CMT and has grasped a lot of attention from other sources as well. Brad seems to be the best when it comes to video/artist relations and constantly overdoes his videos to get the true effect and enjoyment out if it all. I think Brad is likely the hands down winner here again.

Vocal Event
“Because of You,” Reba McEntire Duet With Kelly Clarkson
Producers: Tony Brown, Reba McEntire

“Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” Tracy Lawrence With Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney
Producers: Julian King, Tracy Lawrence

“Shiftwork,” Kenny Chesney Duet With George Strait
Producers: Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney

“Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore,” Bon Jovi Featuring LeAnn Rimes
Producer: Dann Huff

“What You Give Away,” Vince Gill With Sheryl Crow
Producers: Vince Gill, John Hobbs, Justin Niebank

 My pick: “What You Give Away”, Vince Gill with Sheryl Crow– Although this song didn’t receive a lot of feedback, it is still Vince Gill at his very best. Sheryl adds to the masterpiece that is this song. The two spread a great message about how nothing you do will matter in the end as much as what you give to others around you. I think this was a very underestimated performance that deserved a lot more attention than it got. Hopefully it’ll get the legend’s treatment here.

Likely Winner: “Because Of You”, Reba McEntire Duet with Kelly Clarkson– I’m surprised this song doesn’t already have this type of award to its credit. The popular country rendition of this powerful duet not only brings together a legend and one of her biggest fans, but brings together two genres into one powerful song of abuse in a relationship. The sentiment alone is likely to make this the winner.

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Heather permalink
    May 26, 2008 7:19 pm

    Here’s my pick. My ass and your face. The country music industry has been losing sales the past two years because of the losers who have been winning these awards. Taylor Swift can’t sing a bloody note and some assholes want to tell us she deserves an award? Good luck with that because I see this years sales going down the toliet with these jokes being played on radio. I guess millions of music fans not buying Carrie’s second album after having bought the first wasn’t enough of a clue for these asswipes in the business.

  2. cowboybleau permalink*
    May 27, 2008 2:58 am

    Heather I do enjoy the running mouths of people like you. While I respect your comments towarss Taylor and your dislike of country radio, what you said about shrinking sales is all wrong. That is because of piracy and illigal dowloading. There were over 500 billion pirated CD’s sold last year alone, maybe that why people don’t buy them so often anymore, because they already have a cheap copy of it from a friend who did. Also legal dowloading allows people to buy the albu without buying the album, thus again shortening its chart success rate. Also Carrie’s first album was a pop/rock/country/American Idol smash. Every genre had fans buying it, so of course the second album being more country oriented would cause a drop in sales, it was less appealing to those outside the country genre.

    And, just a tip, you can’t change it so if you want to bitch about the choices and the songs on radio in country music then leave, find a genre that cares. These songs are for the fans and, for the most part, by the fans. So I do respect your taste in the genre, but if you have a problem with the genre as a whole then you might as well stop listening because it’s not gonna change.

  3. Vicki permalink
    January 27, 2009 1:18 pm

    I agree with Heather on one respect just as Kenny never received a CMA for singing, neither should Taylor receive any top female “vocalist” awards. The girl just can’t sing and comparing her with the likes of Carrie, Martina, Faith, Trisha, Allison is like a turd to gold.

    Let her win for single..album..but please don’t insult us by having her win a “vocalist” award.

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