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Single Review: “Should’ve Said No” by Taylor Swift

May 14, 2008

Taylor stated that her favorite thing to wright about is love, which most of her fan base has pretty much absorbed through her first four singles. Her debut single had her singing about summer lover, her follow up about love that never was. Then she went full on into love through a song and finally about the backlash of a broken heart. Once again Taylor revisits love and becomes the first artist I’ve ever known to tackle the concept five times in a row with so much diversity. This time she focuses on the concept of cheating and her leaving the man behind for a change.

This has always been a favorite of mine on her debut album and shows off more of her attitude and pop/rock side than her previous hits. We find Taylor as the victim in a cheating man’s game of juggling two loves around secretly behind each ones back. Thus the wrath of Taylor strikes again as she breaks off the relationship tastefully and forces her ex to realize how important she was to him in the first place and instill regret and torture into his heart at the reality of her departure.

The coolest thing to me about this song is listening to an 18 year old female sing with the power and attitude that usually comes with more experience and age maturity. Not only does Taylor show off her intense songwriting ability, she also establishes herself as a real chick with attitude and makes her mark yet again on the modern country era. Her band provides adequate backup to support her as she takes center stage and for the first time in her radio career becomes the heartbreaker instead of the heartbroken.

Grade: B+

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