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Single Review: “Rocks In Your Shoes” by Emily West

May 13, 2008

Another cute blonde makes her way to country music fresh off of Capital Records. What does Emily have that other bond haired country music lookers don’t you ask? An entertainment aspect that combines child-like innocence with adult quality and maturity that shows off quite well in both her voice and appearance. This girl is more than just a magazine cover girl. She’s a force to be reckoned with and this song is no different.

Pulling out everything she has, from her fun personality to her vocal range, Emily turns up with what can be considered another boring song about dealing with your problems instead of running from them. However, there is much more to this song than just a pretty face and an attractive message from the amplifiers. It’s a well produced and performed debut single that allows every aspect of Emily’s personality and glory to shine brighter than ever without overpowering her and using fancy techniques to make her stand out. This song allows her to do everything her way. She combines a sense of inspiration in a “get over it” type of tone to say that “when there’s stones in the road there’s only one thing to do/ you gotta learn to walk with rocks in your shoes”. Especially in a dream like this if you let one setback slow you down it’ll only stop you from making it to the top, besides running away with rocks in your shoes hurts a lot more than slowly working your way towards your goal.

It’s a great single and every aspect of it is pretty solid. The only thing that may damage it is that its familiar message may make it unattractive and show a little too much indifference in country radio. However as a debut hit it appropriately shows that there is more to this girl than beauty and a voice, she’s got the whole package with all of the extras added on.


Grade: B+

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