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Single Review: “Put A Girl In It” by Brooks And Dunn

April 19, 2008

Brooks & Dunn, country music’s dynamic duo, shift away from their powerful sides and return to their fun and enjoyable sound. Of course they release a guy song that basically says that you’ve got nothin’ without a girl. You can buy a great truck, take an awesome vacation in the sun, or have a very decent life but in the end something’s always gonna be missing. What should a guy do to fill that gap, put a girl in it of course. That makes it so much more enjoyable .

What I found interesting about this one is that the last verse says that a country song needs a girl in it to make it fun. I disagree with that. Of course this was put in their to make this song much more enjoyable and it does work, but it makes a very bold statement about what makes a good fun country song. All in all this is a fun and enjoyable song, but it’s only as decent as the album which isn’t their best work. It’s just not as effective as the duo needs it to be right now. It’s a toss up between a top 20 or a top 5, it’s all up to radio.

Grade: B-

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