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Album Review: “Lady Antebellum” by Lady Antebellum

April 17, 2008

Lady AntebellumThis is a good year for country music. First James Otto comes out with a top notch project to show his stuff and now the newest group to hit the country music scene releases their debut project which I must admit surprised me greatly. Lady Antebellum is made up of Charles Kelly, Dave Haywood, and Hillary Scott and of the 11 tracks, 10 have at least one of the three who took part in writing it. I really questioned how these guys would turn out in their debut project, but they really showed their stuff and covered every base they needed to for a great project.

The album starts off, appropriately, with the band’s debut hit “Love Don’t Live Here”. This song alone shows off their ability to harmonize and work together quite well in their performance. Mostly it shows off Charles’s vocal talent, but Hillary blends quite well with him. It’s far from the best track on the album. However that’s not a bad thing. In fact this song is a great start because it immediately shows off who the band is and acts as a great introduction to their unique and enjoyable sound.

Following up their introductory hit is “Lookin’ For A Good Time” which truly shows off the full potential of the band. As if the song was a duet Charles and Hillary split the vocals up, a common attribute of this album. Charles acts a man moving in on a girl in a bar and Hillary acts as that girl with vocals that immediately reminded me of the range and talent of Miranda Lambert, not a bad person to sound like if you ask me. Anyways the two converse about enjoying the night with each other without going to anything to serious. They just want to have a good time. The beat of the song brings you in right away and personally I don’t think I’ve learned the lyrics to a song that fast in my life.

Of course this band is more than just about fun and games. Hillary and Charles show off their more powerful vocals as well as they move to the heart wrenching “All We’d Ever Need”. Hillary and Charles show off a new side of their talents with pure feeling and emotion mixed in very well with their already impressive collaborative performance. The two act as a former couple who are having a hard time letting go of each other. The hard thing for them is that neither of them know the others suffering and their friends are clueless to it as well. In the end Hillary reveals that Charles was the one who ended it and a sense of suffering and struggle is present in both their voices as they continuously realize that all they ever needed was each other, but now that’s gone.

Hillary takes the reins on a few songs of her own. “Long Gone” was written by Hillary before joining the band and sounds very autobiographical. Taking the oppertunity to spread her message, Hillary uses this mid paced tune as an inspirational song for women to realize their own strength. Another track devoted to Hillary is “Home Is Where The Heart Is”. Unlike many songs of its types these days, this tune is about the connection between a daughter and her mother as she moves on with her life. As she tries to make it in the world she begins to realizes that her mom may have been right saying her heart will always be home. In the end she finally learns this lesson fully seeing her mom at her wedding.

Charles takes lead on a few as well. “Love’s Lookin’ Good On You” is a great feel good love song that preserves the brand of country that has become Lady Antebellum’s sound. This is the only song on the album not written by one of the three band members, and despite this you’d think they all wrote it together by the enjoyment and fun they have singing it. Hillary actually includes herself in the bridge which is a compliment to how well organized they are as friends and a musical group. “Slow Down Sister” adds an awesome introduction to it and features another fun and entertaining beat. Charles rolls his voice just right to bring out that enjoyment in the lyrics while still preserving the romantic message behind it. The man in the song his struggling with himself because he wants to avoid a relationship with a girl he’s had relations with before but she’s just stuck in his head and he can’t escape his feelings for her.

Both Hillary and Charles add in their own balleds as well to the project to show off their individual abilities. Hillary contributes to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” which is a nice romantic tune that is a refreshing reminder of the old country love tunes that used to be so popular among lovers. Hillary adds sincerity and feeling into every word to really bring out the concept of love in the song and the feeling that she is trying to share. Charles goes another direction in “Things People Say”. He takes the character of a man suffering with the loss of the woman he loves and calling out to her asking if everything they had dreamed of and that she promised were just empty words. Through the progression of the song he narrates several situations in which he is forced to face her leaving him. In every instance their is a sense of true frustration and question in his voice. Also the use of “people” instead of “you” signifies his beginning to question others as well.

Of all the songs on the album, two stand out the most, “I Run To You” and “One Day You Will”. “I Run To You” takes a stand against prejudice, injustice, pessimism and any other dark and dreary reality you can think of. Both Hillary and Charles participate as they attempt quite successfully to show the power that love can have when a person is faced with these unfortunate aspects of the world. The final track, “One Day You Will”, is an excellent closing track and a sentiment to the band’s success by spreading a message to all those who may not understand their own significance in the world yet. In fact it says that one day you will understand where you belong, it all takes time.

Lady Antebellum defiantly gave it their all as writers, as musicians, as singers and as people and friends in this album showing a deep connection with each other in their performance and their writing that’s hard to come by these days. While Dave takes the instrumental reins, Hillary and Charles, both related to established singers, take the vocals to a whole new level and show everything from excitement to true tear jerking reality.


4 Stars


Produced by Victoria Shaw and Paul Worley


  1. Love Don’t Live Here
  2. Lookin’ For A Good Time
  3. All We’d Ever Need
  4. Long Gone
  5. I Run To You
  6. Love’s Lookin’ Good On You
  7. How Is Where The Heart Is
  8. Things People Say
  9. Slow Down Sister
  10. Can’t Take My Eyes off You
  11. One Day You Will
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