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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #17: “On A Bus To St. Cloud” by Trisha Yearwood

April 17, 2008

Thinkin' About You50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #17

“On A Bus To St. Cloud” by Trisha Yearwood

Album: “Thinkin’ About You”

Chart Peak: #59

City, State, or Town: St. Cloud, Minnesota

The magical voice of Trisha Yearwood shines it’s light on this very minor release for her back in her earlier days. Although this song was a radio flop, the video caught the eyes and ears of fans everywhere. In one of her most powerful performances at the time, Trisha spreads the story of heartache a struggle as a woman is haunted by the memory and love she has for a man that she has lost somewhere along the way. With references to other cities as well, the woman finds herself haunted yet again by the vision of her man on a bus back home to Minnesota.

While this balled doesn’t add much of a reputation to the town itself, it does tell one of the most emotionally powerful storys in Trisha’s career. She takes the persona of a woman on the move who has fallen in love and seem to always see the man that she fell for everywhere she goes. The entire time she is on her way to St. Cloud, Minnesota. She could be returning home of that could be the last place she remembers him being, that is left a mystery. What is revealed is in her memories which are triggered by her seeing who she thinks is the man she loves in a crowd on the bus.

Trisha reveals that the woman has been haunted by the vision of the man everywhere, from New Orleans to L.A. in many different settings. She evens goes as far as to recall her attempt to turn to God as a way to help her deal with the issue and understand why the man she loves made the choice he made in the relationship. Using the metaphors of shadows and ghosts she finally shows just how extreme this haunting is and how effective it is that she sees him on the bus again as she tries to escape or return hoem to St. Cloud.

What makes this song such a great song in this list isn’t it’s significance for the town of St. Cloud, Minnesota, but the mystery behind why the woman Trisha plays is going there. Also the conflict of memory and love intertwine for quite an amazing little story that brings out one of the most powerful performances by Trisha in her early days. Despite the fact that this balled had little attention played to it at radio it actually shows off very creative songwriting and leaves the listener longing for another listen in an attempt to figure out why St. Cloud must be so important and why this particular occurrence on the bus ride there is more powerful than the others.


Location in the state of Minnesota.

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