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Single Review: “Rock N’ Roll In Pensacola” by Joshua Stevens

April 13, 2008

The most recent Nashville Star alumni to make a crack at country stardom takes a new twist on country love by ditching the idea of fields and country artists as a source of love and romance. Instead Josh tells a story of falling deeper in love on the beaches of Pensacola, a popular venue for Van Halen who are also significant to the story in the song.

The character that Josh plays in the song relives the memories of his former love and realizes how both Pensacola and the rock music of Van Halen remind him of those crazy times. Whether or not this song’s story has any personal relevence to Joshua, it does show for a change that he isn’t just about country music. He also enjoys a little bit of rock n’ roll once in a while. I think this is a great single to start him off with to show people who he is as a person and not just an artist. It has a strong story and a vocal performance reminiscent of the Rascal Flatts takes he did on Nashville Star that proved to be his best. Stevens was always my favorite in the sixth season of the show and although I can’t say this is #1 worthy, it’s defiantly worth a listen.


Grade: B

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  1. Gene Reimers permalink
    August 21, 2010 4:15 am

    Joshua, I live in Des Moines, Ia and was at your show at Prairie Meadows on Sunday Sept. 16, 2007 and bought a CD from you after the show when you autographed them. The main reason I bought it was to get your song that was suppose to be #16 on the album–Wish I missed You– but on my CD there was no #16, it ended at #15, therefore I never got the song I really wanted. That song hit a nerve with me and I wanted to tell you that you aren’t the only one that wishes he missed his mother. I was wondering if it is possible to get a new CD with that song on it or a different CD with that song as mine evidently was missed. The reason it took me so long to respond to this is that I am new to the computer and myspace and the likes, 69 years old. Looking forward to your response. Sincerely, Gene Reimers

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