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50 Grestest City, State, And Town Songs – #22: “Lets Go To Vegas” by Faith Hill

April 12, 2008

It Matters to Me50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #22

“Lets Go To Vegas” by Faith Hill

Album: “It Matters To Me”

Chart Peak: #5

City, State, or Town: Las Vegas, Navada

Faith Hill’s beautiful voice allowed her to score a top 5 hit early in her career with a country turn written about the fabulous vacation spot of Las Vegas, the place for slots and gambling and the most populated city in Nevada. However the most country based aspect of the huge city is of course the marriage portion of it and that is exactly what Faith uses to her disposal here. She takes a toe tapping country sound and mixes it with one of the most rebellious, yet romantic features of America’s favorite arcade.

Faith acts as a woman who is speaking to her man and makes an interesting suggestion, lets go to Vegas. She has come to the conclusion that they are in love and longs to seal the deal and “kiss the single life goodbye”. Sticking with the Las Vegas theme faith also uses interesting word play like “bet on love” to show that love is as much a gamble as anything in Vegas is. What makes this song country is that it has Faith sitting under the stars and enjoying the clear scenery until she decides to speak her mind and ask her man to marry her, not traditionally, but in the quickest way possible which is of course in fabulous Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is not your stereotypical country city. Flashing lights, skyscrapers, and crowded streets make up most of it and the rest is desert, no barns or wide open fields. However it’s not a bad thing for country folks to go down there and have a good time. This catchy little tune helped Faith put some country spirit into Las Vegas and showed that there is a redneck side to it after all. I mean where else can you pay to get married in less than half an hour by Elvis? Now that’s country!

Location of Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada

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