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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #23: “Nashville Cats” by Del McCoury

April 12, 2008

Family50 Greatest City, State, And Town: #23

“Nashville Cats” by Del McCoury

Album: “The Family”

Chart Peak: N/A

City, State, or Town: Nashville, Tennessee

Del McCoury may not be a very well known name in country music, but he is in bluegrass and during his years as a crossover artist he contributed a pickin and swingin little ditty called “Nashville Cats” that in true bluegrass style combines very simple songwriting and talented instrumental ability to pull off a very unique and entertaining tune. McCoury makes a bold attempt to spread the reality of the music scene to those who think it’s easy to make it in Nashville.

First off Del McCoury compliments Nashville natives on their surprising ability to play and perform with an instrument. They’re precise, their fast, and they are well tuned up to play music flawlessly. Thus lies the problem for the character Del plays in the song. Del in himself is a very talented and highly influential guitar player and has inspired the likes of Phish and has performed countless covers. In fact this song is a cover of The Lovin’ Spoon’s hit and suits Del just fine. The singer goes all out in honesty and explains that there are so many talented musicians in Nashville and so many natural born and raised players and singers, that no matter how long he has been playing and practicing any one of them can pick up a guitar and beat him to a pulp.

Being the man he is this is a powerful statement towards music city for Del to make. His talent in itself is highly respected and to use this cover as an opportunity to give the Nashville born musicians credit for their upbringing by putting them above himself as far as musicians is a huge compliment. This catchy tune is a dedication to the devotion that the people who live in music city have for their talents and gives them much more credit than any people throughout the country who believe it will be very easy to walk in and say “hey Nashville, here I am”. Mr. Del McCoury says straight out it ain’t that simple and finally gives the original and well trained musical masters the credit they deserve.



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