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50 Greatest City, State, And Town – #21: “Oklahoma Borderline” by Vince Gill

April 12, 2008

The Things That Matter50 Greatest City, Song, And Town: #21

“Oklahoma Borderline” by Vince Gill

Album: “The Things That Matter”

Chart Peak: #9

City, State, or Town: Oklahoma

Born in Oklahoma it’s no surprise that when Vince put out a breakup song it became an upbeat and optimistic leap back home. Holding true to his classic style, Vince put a fast paced twist to heartache as a man who has been thrown on the streets and decides to head back to Oklahoma where he belongs. He shows a sense of enjoyment in this song because he is one of the many influential country musicians that hail from the state.

Vince puts himself in the character of a man who has been dumped and left to die in what his ex hopes to be self pity. Well that isn’t the case. Instead he decides he’s going to head home to Oklahoma, where he knows he will be welcomed back with open arms. So he begins his journey traveling from Texas up to Oklahoma and along they way mocks his ex-girlfriends hopes that he will be heartbroken and come crawling back for forgiveness. He puts down the Texas girl and begins to think about the Oklahoma women and his family waiting on his return home. The more he thinks about it the closer he wants to get and he keeps trying to get there faster and faster.

Vince has become a huge figure in country music and his singing about his home state as a place to call home only adds to that. He turns heartbreak into optimism and enjoyment and even pokes a little fun at Texas by having the character trying to escape it for Oklahoma. Vince’s ability to make a fun and enjoyable performance out of pride and heartbreak at the same time shows just how talented he can be behind the microphone and his attempt to show that he himself would run back to Oklahoma if he was hurting is a sentiment to his pride and trust in his home state.


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  1. Leeann permalink
    April 12, 2008 2:01 am

    I always love a nod to Vince!

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