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Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #26: “Medocino County Line” by Lee Ann Womack And Willie Nelson

April 11, 2008

The Great Divide50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #26

“Mendocino County Line” by Lee Ann Womack And Willie Nelson

Album: “The Great Divide”

Chart Peak: #22

City, State, or Town: Mendocino County, California


And we’re back to California where in 2002 Willie Nelson and Lee Ann Womack found themselves in Mendocino County as a couple who are reminiscing upon better times in their personal relationship. Located on the coast of Cali, Mendocino County would be a nice place to settle down and enjoy things. However, for these two singers, it acts as an area of remembrance and a little bit of personal suffering, as they both speak about how it all ended up and how they’re doing now.

What ends up becoming one of the most unique aspects of this song is that it specifies love as ending “as the sun sinks west of the Mendocino County Line”. Throughout the song both Lee Ann and Willie reminisce on romantic times on the beaches and such and how much they were in love before they were forced to move on. They still have their photographs that trigger the memories though and they enjoy looking at them because it reminds both of them of the happiness they shared and how well they are moving on.

Both singers show off a magical feeling in their respective characters that was brought to them by love, a feeling expressed through the uses of such metaphors and wine and fireworks. Both singers shows a sense of experience vocally and emotionally as performers. As characters they use the symbol of a setting sun to signify how their time together had begun to run out. Like many song this is a classic tale of a fling relationship in which the two participants wish that they could have had more. Although it was a minor hit, this tune allowed Mendocino County to be seen as a place of romance and tranquility and, or course, good old country music.

Map of California highlighting Mendocino County

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