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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #33: “Texas” by George Strait

April 11, 2008

Somewhere Down in Texas50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #33

“Texas” by George Strait

Album: “Somewhere Down In Texas”

Chart Peak: #35

City, State, or Town: Texas (duh)

Well who could have guessed that King George would be the one to sing about the entire state of Texas and its great contributions to the American way of life? Although this song didn’t do good on the charts, George takes pride in his favorite state by paying tribute to everything that has come out of it. of course this won’t be the last song on this countdown based in Texas, but it’s defiantly the most relevant to the state.

This song is literally about Texas in and out. From the swimming of the Rio Grande, to the existence of Lonestar as both a band name and a symbol, it lists everything that has come into existence in American life from the great state. The Cowboys football team, the Alamo, the great sound of Willie Nelson, they all exist because Texas exists. Mr. Strait shows probably the most pride of any individual in the genre thus far in their state of origin. Also you know you’re famous when you’re quoting your own songs, “Fort Worth would never cross my mind…if it wasn’t for Texas”.

Inevitably George credits his entire career to Texas and states that without that great state he would never have been inspired to chase his dream and he wouldn’t be the man he is today as a person and an artist. There is just a huge sense of pride in this song that you can feel sincerity and pride in every word that George sings. Plain and simple there are countless songs about Texas and it’s many towns and cities, but this is by far the most prideful of them all.

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