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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #30: “Mississippi Girl” by Faith Hill

April 11, 2008

Fireflies50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #30

“Mississippi Girl” by Faith Hill

Album: “Fireflies”

Chart Peak: #1

City, State, or Town: Mississippi

After taking a break for about a year Faith Hill made a comeback to country music in a big way in 2005. She scored a #1 hit written for her by the popular songwriter John Rich about her home state of Mississippi and her life there. This song marked a turning point in Faith career by solidifying her country background and allowed fans an inside look into Faith Hill’s life outside of music through a song for the first time.

With new hair and a fresh sound Faith’s first single off of her Fireflies album was dedicated to her pride in her home state of Mississippi. “Mississippi Girl” is a statement that Faith is just that, a peaceful small town girl from a small country lifestyle in the Ridgedale, Mississippi. The song doesn’t specifically draw attention to her home town, but instead allows her to take pride in the entire state and how it has made her the woman she is today. Faith dedicates this performance to her home state by showing that even though she is rich and famous she still enjoys her country lifestyle that was instilled in her in her upbringing.

Faith Hill made it quite clear that she was country and proud of it with her return to solid country hits. This enjoyable single brought her back to her country diva status and made Mississippi proud by advertising its peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle that has made Faith who she is as a person. With the help of John Rich, Mrs. McGraw was able to capture country radio yet again with non other than an autobiographical pride song about her home state.


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