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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #29: “Tennessee” by Sugarland

April 11, 2008

Twice the Speed of Life

50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #29

“Tennessee” by Sugarland

Album: “Twice The Speed Of Life”

Chart Peak: N/A (unreleased)

City, State, or Town: Tennessee

Sugarland’s hot shot debut album contained an upbeat song dedicated to the use of country music as a way of telling someone you love them. What makes this song so significant to the state after which it was named is that it centers the genre around Tennessee stating “from a boy in love to a girl call Tennessee”. The duo that was, at the time, a trio produced a song that was based on radio and the request lines and encouraged the use of the music we know and love that has come out of Tennessee to send whatever message we need to send.

The lead singer, Jennifer Nettle, acts as a radio DJ who has been called up as a man’s last chance to reach out and tell the woman he loves just how much she means to him. Through this love story, Sugarland attempts to make radio requests a great source of emotional expression. That’s what country music is all  about, sending a message and leaving a lasting effect. As a DJ, Nettles tries to inspire all her listeners to call up and let your emotions be heard and tell everyone who you love and just how much you do. You never know if you’ll have another chance or if this is your one and only opportunity.

The neat aspect of this song is that it defines Tennessee in relation to country music. Instead of telling people to call country radio stations, it tells them to call Tennessee. Of course this isn’t a literal statement, but what it does attempt to do is show that Tennessee is the center of activity that makes all this wonderful music we know and love happen. In the long run when you call country radio to request a song and try to tell that special someone what you’ve been holding back, you’re actually calling Tennessee and urging the production of more great and effective music. The #1 state that people think of when they think country music is Tennessee and without it country music would not be as good as it is today and we probably wouldn’t be able to call up and make those requests to that special someone.

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  1. bobby permalink
    April 11, 2008 8:34 pm

    this was one of my favorites on that cd. i’m glad you included it

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