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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #28: “Marina Del Rey” by George Strait

April 11, 2008

Strait from the Heart

50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #28

“Marina Del Rey” by George Strait

Album: “Strait From The Heart”

Chart Peak: #6

City, State, or Town: Marina Del Rey, California

One of King George’s hits that didn’t reach the #1 spot takes place in the small L.A. area of Marina Del Rey, an area of California famous for having the largest man made small boat harbor in the world. While the city is an excellent resourse export and import area for the state, it also acts as the backdrop for this story of heart wrenching love from the early 80s of a man who leaves for Tennessee and leaves behind a woman who he has fallen in love with.

George’s many signature hits, Marina Del Rey actually finds him outside of his Texas comfort zone and in the character of a Tennessee native who has fallen in love with a young woman in the California harbor town. As he is flying home memories of the time the two spent together begin to flood in on him and he begins to feel a sense of regret and heartbreak for leaving the girl behind. Using the waves of the shoreline in the harbor as a symbol he states that love sometimes comes and it goes just as easily, an attempt to make himself feel a little better. When he finally lands he finds his heart has remained in Marina Del Rey with that woman and he can’t forget about her or the love they shared for the short time they were together.

This song is an excellent example of great song writing. It takes a simple location and a simple love story that has been told over and over again and turns it into something oddly new. As this is a George Strait hit, this song has made Marina Del Rey a popular area just to see and understand for California vacationers. it also spreads a classic message that love is not limited by distance and that there will always be that feeling of remorse and heartache when two people who  have found love in each other need to say goodbye.

Location of Marina del Rey in Los Angeles County, California.

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