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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #27: “Where Angels Hang Around” by James Otto

April 11, 2008

Sunset Man50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #27

“Where Angels Hang Around” by James Otto

Album: “Sunset Man”

Chart Peak: N/A (unreleased)

City, State, or Town: Memphis, Tennessee

The newest song on this countdown comes from James Otto, MuzicMafia member and powerful vocalist who just recently released his second album containing one of three Memphis based songs on this list. However James shifts from the traditional image of Memphis as a musical city and sees it as the land of angels, and the home of St. Jude’s Research hospital. This powerful balled has James portraying a father who is forced to endure the pain knowing his child needs to visit this hospital for treatment.

James suits up for a powerful and emotional vocal expression of the pain and worry that comes with knowing your child is a cancer victim. The entire song surrounds the father’s reliving the discovery of his daughter’s disease and his hopes and dreams of watching her grow and experience life. In addition it also shows his worry and knowledge of the possibility that he won’t get to see these things because she is suffering for an incurable disease. St. Jude’s research hospital is based in the heart of Memphis and provides a safe haven for these youngsters who are forced to endure such a deadly attack on their person from unstoppable forces at such a young age.

This song is very significant to Memphis because it basically give brief directions to the hospital and cherishes the city for providing the sanctuary. Although L.A. is considered the city of angels, James states otherwise by showing off so many different sights and features of Memphis that make it a perfect sanctuary and a safe place to be. In a unique way, James inspires a feeling of optimism and happiness in such a tragic time and uses the magical city of Memphis, Tennessee to help prevent him, as a father in the song, from breaking down and losing all control over the situation. “Where Angels Hang Around” shows that the people of St. Jude’s are angels and that they will always be there to look out for the children who have fallen victim to this disease. Awareness of this hospital and where it is is more important now than ever so it’s no surprise that James Otto decided to sing his own song about the musical city and shine some light on one of its more important contributions to the world.


Location in Shelby County and the state of Tennessee

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