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50 Greatest City, State, and Town Songs – #43: “In The Middle” by Rodney Atkins

April 8, 2008

If You're Going Through Hell50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #43

“In The Middle” by Rodney Atkins

Album: “If You’re Going Through Hell”

Chart Peak: N/A (unreleased)

City, State, or Town: Nashville, Tennessee (area)

Rodney, as a adopted child, has had a lot of experience moving around Tennessee. Throughout his life he has made his home in Knoxville, Cumberland Gap, and Nashville. This song is a tribute to Rodney’s current home town, near Nashville, and his way of life. Not every city song needs to make reference to the city or state in the name, it’s what’s in the lyrics that are important and Rodney takes a unique and impressive spin on his own dedication to his hometown in the middle of Tennessee and, as he claim, the sticks.

Rodney is known now for his consistency and his enjoyable personality. This song is no different. It draws attention to real life people and landmarks that in Rodney’s eyes define his life and the people that he lives around. The song also specifies that Rodney is speaking of a town either in or near Nashville because he claims that his hometown is right there in the middle of Tennessee. He also provides a play on words for the name of the song by explaining that in his life he is placed right in the middle of all of the values and factors that are so important to him and his people.

I guess I should mention that Rodney did in fact have a hand in writing this song. Every word if it is literally meant to be direction to his hometown. Of all the tributes to states and cities that have ever been made none have attempted to pay tribute by means of directions and landmarks that are literal and real, at least not like this. The song is quite unique and very enjoyable and pays righteous homage to Tennessee and how the people and things around Rodney and in his everyday life have effected him so much. It also provides a good name and a good image for those that have played such a huge part in Rodney’s life outside of his celebrity appearance.


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  1. bobby permalink
    April 9, 2008 6:38 pm

    i’m glad you put this one! it’s one of my favorites from his cd

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