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50 Greatest City, State, and Town Songs – #45: “Amarillo Sky” by Jason Aldean

April 8, 2008

Jason Aldean

50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #45

“Amarillo Sky” by Jason Aldean

Album: “Jason Aldean”

Chart Peak: #10

City, State, or Town: Amarillo, Texas

Jason flew onto the country scene and in just a few years has become a sensation. This song serves as Jason’s tribute to the hard working farmer and those inheriting and working on those farms. Texas is defiantly one of the most definitive farm states in the U.S. and is the perfect place to find those who know just how hard it is to live that lifestyle. In this song Jason describes them perfectly and does justice to the hardest working men and women in America.

The significance of Amarillo as the state of choice in this song is echoed through the works of such greats and George Strait but never before had anyone paid righteous tribute to the modern struggles of the farmer and farm hand until Jason released this song. It reminds us that those fruits and vegetables that we buy at the store or the cheese, milk and meat that we cherish so much comes through the hard work and toil of the modern day farmer and they are often seen as the lower individuals in society because technology is taking over. Jason narrates the everyday life of an Amarillo farmer in order to show every listener just how much work and dedication is put into the little things we take advantage of. Amarillo, famous for its definitive country lifestyles, was the perfect city to help express the struggles that farmers go through in order to make a living and to successfully bring the farming lifestyle back into a genre that is becoming increasingly technological in itself.


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  1. bobby permalink
    April 8, 2008 3:38 am

    love this one too! great choices so far!

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