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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #44: “Georgia Rain” by Trisha Yearwood

April 8, 2008

Jasper County50 Greatest City, State, and Town Songs: #44

“Georgia Rain” by Trisha Yearwood

Album: “Jasper County”

Chart Peak: #15

City, State, or Town: Jasper County, Georgia


The long awaited comeback from Trisha came in the form of a #1 album and a top 20 hit in 2005 that focused primarily on young love and memories in Jasper County. Originally the song was not focused in Jasper County, but in accordance with a request from Trisha the writers chose to add the county which is the location of Trisha’s hometown of Monticello, Georgia, thus adding personal significance not only to the song but also the album because that one aspect of their song became the title of Trisha’s hugely successful project.


The song focuses around a woman who reminisces on the love that she shared in Georgia with a boy that she felt so strongly for that not even the rain could wash away or disrupt the feelings that they shared. In fact that rain only helped their love as Trisha draws attention to the two characters in the songs having made love after taking cover from the rain. Yearwood’s personal reflection in the song it extremely relevant because although this may not be autobiographical it did allow her to pay tribute to her homeland and to recall her own younger days in Jasper County.

The song ultimately shows how returning home can bring back memories of love and devotion and make one relive those wishes that they had and still have for the future from their younger years. The woman in the song finishes reminiscing only to reveal that she has returned to Jasper County and has seen what a great life her former lover has made for himself. However, not even the Georgia rain still can’t wash away her love for him. Although “Georgia Rain” can be considered a minor hit for Trisha, it provided one of her most personal performances yet and allowed fans to not only discover where she came from, but to understand the power of returning home.


Map of Georgia highlighting Jasper County

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