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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #50: “South Of Santa Fe” by Brooks And Dunn

April 7, 2008

If You See Her

Grateatest City, State, And Town Songs:  #50

“South Of Santa Fe” by Brooks and Dunn

Album: “If You See Her”

Chart Peak: #41

City, State, or Town: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Taking place just south of the New Mexico city of Santa Fe, country music’s definitive duo switches roles for a change to allow Kix Brooks to tell the story of an outlaw who is suffering from the consequences of his past. The man in the song meet a woman who he sees as an angel and finds himself trapped between Heaven and his safe point of the law, Santa Fe, ultimately being forced to come to grips with his past and his wrong doings. In the very end he ends up not only being haunted by his actions, but loses the angel that now haunts him as well.

The cool thing about this song is that it brings back that old storytelling feel that made country music in the first place. Also it allows Kix to show off his vocal abilities. His voice matches the concept of the story and sounds more true and in character with the person portrayed as the outlaw. Although the song never takes place in Santa Fe, it speaks of a man trying to get their to escape the law and in the end is forced to bay for his tragic decisions. The video reveals this interesting storyline that serves as the background story for “South Of Santa Fe”.

It brings a refreshing feel to hear Kix sing and its nice to hear the two of them return to the roots of country music by bringing back the storytelling aspect while revealing a powerful message. Maybe it wasn’t one of their biggest hits, but it brought back the concept of cowboys and outlaws to the south.


Location in Santa Fe County, New Mexico



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