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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #46: “The Beaches Of Cheyenne” by Garth Brooks

April 7, 2008

Fresh Horses cover

50 Greatest City, State, And Town Song: #46

“The Beaches Of Cheyenne” by Garth Brooks

Album: “Fresh Horses”, “The Ultimate Hits”

Chart Peak: #1

City, State, or Town: Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Garth Brooks, the biggest selling solo artist in music history, became quite popular for his trademark cowboy and rodeo songs that were inspired and influenced by his mentor Chris LeDoux. This one is no different. Garth sings a tragic story about a couple who are put in the tragic position of facing their last moment with each other in an argument completely unaware that they will never see each other again.


Cheyenne is the center of the story as a young bull rider secretly signs for a competition in that area, causing his love to become irritated and aggravated with him for his consistent flirting with death at the hands of one of the most dangerous animals man has ever tried to tame. The two part ways on a bad not, her having told him she doesn’t care whether he ever comes back from Cheyenne, of course she never expected just how tragic that statement would become. As it turns out her man picked a bull that “no-one could ride” and thus ended his final ride in death.

The beauty of this song is that it tells a tragic story without depressive motivation. The point of the story is the mystery of what happened to the girl. The chorus surrounds the rumors that have been formed about her reaction to her mans death and her realization that the last thing she told him was that she doesn’t care if he comes back or not. In fact some even say they see her walking the beaches that make up a small portion of Cheyenne searching for her lost love for one more chance.

Although this song can sound like a typical Garth Brooks cowboy song, it’s the deep message that makes Cheyenne such a beautiful area for the story to take place. Underneath the interesting story is the message that one should never leave anything unsaid and to never leave a conversation with the one you love on a low note no matter what comes between you. In the end Garth produces an tall tale surrounding the beautiful beaches in Wyoming that has left many seeking to understand the inspiration behind the lyrics.



Location in Wyoming

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  1. bobby permalink
    April 8, 2008 3:38 am

    i’ve always liked this song even though it is quite eerie

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