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50 Greatest City, State and Town Songs: Introduction

April 6, 2008

One of the most common themes throughout the history of country music is the use of states, cities, counties and towns in song to express pride, heartbreak, love, adventure or a countless list of other concepts through music. Whether it be the heart of Texas, the Rocky Mountain ranges of Colorado, or the high life of Las Vegas, states and cities have become the most consistent aspect of country songs in today and yesterday.

Over the next few weeks the entire list of songs will be revealed one by one until reaching that ultimate #1 song. These songs can have been radio hits or unreleased album cuts. It should be mentioned that there may be multiple songs about the same states or even the same city. As I stated there are countless songs written that are about states and cities or use them as symbols or items to express a different concept so the list may not please everyone. With 50 songs that could span any of the 50 states, this should be fun. Enjoy the ride!!!

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