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Single Review: “His Kind Of Money (My Kind Of Love)” by Eric Church

April 3, 2008

Eric has a unique talent for making songs seem so attractive despite what they may be about. Songs like “How ‘Bout You” and “Guys Like Me” caught the ears of listeners everywhere and left a feeling of enjoyment despite the fact that they weren’t the most creative or successful singles. Combine that unique talent with a really great song and there’s no telling what could happen. The result is this catchy little diddy. Eric brings out all the fun and sincerity that has made him such a talented new artist and a popular underdog in the ears of country fans. In his popular style Eric sings to a girl in the song and explains how just because a man has the money to make her happy, that doesn’t mean he has the love. Probably the most impressive statement is Eric’s powerful explination that “his money will run out but my love never will”. It’s actually a breath of fresh air as Eric’s talent and personality shines better than it ever has.

Grade: B+

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  1. Bobby permalink
    April 14, 2008 9:02 pm

    Love the new song. Eric just continues to pour out great songs. I saw him in concert twice in the past 2 months and thinks that this song isnt even near one of his best on the new cd. Way to go Eric

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