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Single Review: “Kristofferson” by Tim McGraw

March 30, 2008

Tim makes an attempt at the recently familiar name dropping song tactic that seems to work quite well. However it doesn’t work so well here. The singer basically compares himself to Mr. Kristofferson and trys to apologize to his girl by writing a song like one of country music’s most inspirational, powerful and respected songwriters. While it pulls off a respectable meaning and contains a lot of sincerity it just doesn’t work. The song seems to stereotype Kris by putting it off that he writes the typical tear-jerkers that all the heartbroken and heartbreakers hear from every singer at least once. Of course with works like “Sunday Morning Coming Down” that has never been the case for Kris so dropping his name just seems inappropriate really. In addition the song isn’t to attractive over all. its a nice filler, but the only thing interesting about this one is the use of the great songwriter’s name as the center of the song’s lyric.

Grade: B

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  1. gayle permalink
    April 1, 2008 2:31 am

    i just don’t think you ‘get it’. first…..a little background…….mrs. mcgraw has been a big fan of kris kristofferson’s for years so………….it was kinda ‘personal’. also, i think your interepretation is lacking. tim does not compare himself; as a matter of fact he sings ‘it won’t be in time, it may not even rhyme…..but all it has to be is true”. the fact that he sings ………..”like kristofferson would do” is not a comparison where talent is concerned just a similar response to a broken heart. one thing is for sure…….the whole “drink this bottle of 90 proof” bears a very common bond between the two. finally, tim didn’t write the song so it’s obvious he’s not comparing himself in any way. tim has just started to record songs that he’s written or co-written and by the likes of “If You’re Reading This”………he will be successful in that venture as he has been with all his other ventures……including acting. take a couple more listens and maybe you’ll change your mind.

  2. cowboybleau permalink*
    April 1, 2008 6:12 pm

    Gayle thank you for expressing your opinion. I wasn’t bashing on Tim per say because if you notice I complimented him on his performance of the song with sincerity and truth. I was more bashing the songwriters for seemingly puting Kris in a steriotype. Ti is talented and this song is personal for him and Fith, this is true, but I actually believe that had he written a similar song on his own he might have done Kris more respect. Tim is actually an innocent fan of Kris for me here.

    As far as entertianment value I just don’t personally get anything out of it. Its a nice album song, but on the adio it just doesn’t hit me. I love Tim’s music and I love Kris, but this could have done them both better.

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