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Single Review: “Invisibly Shaken” by Rodney Atkins

March 13, 2008

After four #1 singles, an ACM award, a #1 album, and two #1 songs of the year Rodney finally returns to the emotional power that lead him to minor success with “Honesty” years back. It actually very haunting and effective to hear Rodney in such a submissive state for a change. He puts himself in the character of a broken hearted fool who has mislead others to think he has easily gotten over his recent breakup, but in reality is quietly breaking beneath his smiles and composure.

This song is full of power, sincerity and is immediately effective with a great piano accompaniment. This is just good country music and is probably the most deserving song for Rodney to continue a streak of excellent performances. Now we’ll see if radio feels the same way.

Grade: A

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  1. bobby permalink
    March 13, 2008 3:03 am

    yes!!! i am sooo glad this is his new single. a totally different version of him. he soudns so vunerable on this song. this is one of the ones that stood out to me when i listened to his cd

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