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Country Music’s Top 20 Underdogs (Part 1)

February 21, 2008

Inspired by today’s business and the difficulty to actually stay in it, I thought it would be neat to countdown the 20 biggest underdogs from the past 3 or 4 years in country music and pay tribute to their accomplishment.

20Steve Holy: Steve has become the ultimate one hit wonder in country music. After losing his touch with his debut album that spawned that years biggest hit, he returned briefly to snag another huge #1 hit with “Brand New Girlfriend”. Although he was not able to keep that momentum, Steve made a #2 debut with his album of the same name for one of the biggest comeback of the year.


19. Clay Walker: After losing his second record deal in 2004 with RCA, Clay went on a hiatus until recently when he signed to his third label, Curb-Asylum records. With this Clay not only managed to score a top 5 album, but a top 5 hit as well, his first in seven years. He also made a huge effort towards curing MS, which he is a victim of. He’s covered a lot of ground despite his situation and proven to his former labels that he was worth the patience.

18. Julie Roberts: Julie only managed to score two albums, however her hits list is even shorter. “Break Down here” was a top 20 hit, but it was the only one to end in the top 40 and one of only three of five total hits that charted at all. Despite this Julie somehow managed to score a hoard of adoring fans and followers that gave her a top 10 debut album as well as an amazing top 5 sophomore album. Even though radio wasn’t willing to play her she was still able to score massive popularity without it’s help just by being herself. She may never hit radio again, but she will always be remembered by those same fans.


17. Craig Morgan: After his fall from Atlanta in the early 2000s , Craig found a home in the new record label Broken Bow and not only became the record label’s breakout artist, but one of the biggest surprises the industry has heard lately. Despite his inconsistency, with a flop single here and there, Craig has managed to nab a #1 single, “That’s What I Love About Sunday”, which became 2005’s top country song. Although his fellow label mate Jason Aldean has slightly overshot him in popularity and his album sales and radio success are inconsistent, he is still a force that has proven his worth in the business.

16. Chris Cagle: With an early #1 and a decent run going in his career in his earlier years, Chris looked like a country regular. His sophomore and self-titled album even hit #1 in 2003. It wasn’t until his vocal troubles started and he was required to have surgery that Chris began a falling point. After a decent time recovering Chris was able to get back into the studio and record a top 5 album, “Anywhere But Here”. However his major single from the album, “Miss Me Baby” failed to hit the top 10 and the two singles following failed to hit the top 40. Chris ended up in what would otherwise be a fatal situation for an artist. Chris also underwent financial conflicts with his manager that didn’t make life much easier. However despite all this struggle Chris pulled through to make a return to the charts with “What Kinda Gone” and successfully release his fourth album. It takes a true underdog to be able to be so low and climb right back up.

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  1. February 21, 2008 8:04 pm

    Awesome idea for a feature!

    I’ll keep my opinions to myself until the list is done. I can’t wait to read the rest!

  2. Leeann permalink
    February 22, 2008 5:41 am

    Yes, great feature idea!


  1. Music News » Country Music’s Top 20 Underdogs (Part 1)

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