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News: Dierks Bentley To Release Greatest Hits In May

February 19, 2008


Former Horizon award winner Dierks Bentley will be releasing his first greatest hits compilation on May 6, 2008 including two new tracks and ten of his biggest hits. This collection comes at the typical time around the third or fourth album of an artist’s Carrier. It seems like only yesterday that the former newbie was just starting out and claiming hit after hit. In addition to the ten hits and two new tracks Dierk’s will include a few live tracks, all of which will be chosen depending on the voting of fans at his website. Any voters will also receive executive producer credits on the album. Of the many artists who have broken through the past few years, Dierks has proven that he belong in this genre. Only time will tell if this album is coming a little to soon or not, but for an artist to compile enough hits to even be able to consider this kind of project this early is beyond amazing. It’s cool to look back at 2003 when I started really keeping record on the genre and see how much Dierk’s has grown and how long it’s really been. Dierk’s is currently working on an album of all new music for later this year, but for now fans can expect Dierks to reach another career milestone in May with his greatest hits.

 I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of songs that I believe should and/or will be included in the project:

  • Settle For A Slowdown
  • My Last Name
  • What Was I Thinkin’
  • Come A Little Closer
  • Long Trip Alone
  • Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go)
  • Lot Of Leavin’ Left To Do
  • Tryin’ To Stop You’re Leavin’
  • How Am I Doin’
  • Every Mile A Memory
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  1. Leeann permalink
    February 20, 2008 4:58 am

    The executive producers idea is cool. While I think that three albums may be too soon to release a greatest Hits compilation, I look forward to this greatest hits, since it seems that he’ll be adding enough new stuff to warrant the purchase of it for those of us who already have his other albums. I would vote for a live version of “So So Long.” and “Gonna Get There Someday (or whatever its exact title is). He has so many great songs, even though he only has three albums. I just dig his sound. I also like that he has respect for bluegrass music, which is where he got started in Nashville.

  2. Corey permalink
    February 21, 2008 4:21 am

    I also agree with the statement above. I have always listened to country music, but Dierks got me really back into the music after moving towards more alternative rock early in my high school years. Once I heard What Was I Thinkin’, I was hooked and have listened to almost entirely country since. However, I think that it is far too early to release this record given the 10 Hits that will be on the album are his only released singles to date. Along with that, “Trying to Stop Your Leaving” is just now on the charts and moving up the charts. I wish he would have released his album of all new material and let its songs run around the charts before releasing a Greatest Hits. Regardless, I will buy the CD and look foward to see how the fan involvement aspect works out as that is a great idea and really original and clever.

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