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Album Review: “Starting Now” by Chuck Wicks

February 6, 2008

Starting Now

Of the many debut artists over the past few years, non have come in with as much passion and heartfelt sincerity as Chuck Wicks has with his debut project. Chuck, having been a former TV icon on “Nashville”, finally moved onto the scene with his bebut project off RCA. A first plus is that Chuck co-wrote 10 out of the 11 tracks on the album, making it not only a compliment to his vocal skills, but a great expression of his writing talent as well.

The album starts with the romantic “All I Ever Wanted” which proves that Chucks pure voice isn’t just for soft songs. This fast paced, fun song has the singer preaching to his girl that all he ever wanted was her to have fun and enjoy life by his side. The same is expressed in the second, also upbeat song “Good Time Comin’ On” that has the singer again talking to the girl he loves about making the moment last.

Chuck, of course, lends his vocals to a decent array of emotional love tunes that show off the sultry side of his vocal talents. The best example is his popular debut single “Stealing Cinderella” which shows just how delicate he can make his voice seem in the context of the song. The title track, “Starting Now”, is a decent reflection song about considering throwing away the past and starting right now to try to make things better instead of recalling what made it so bad.

The emotionally powered “The Easy Part” is about the difficult parts of leaving a relationship that you really enjoyed or that you were really dedicated to. Wicks’ vocals are a little drier as the song goes along. He sounds more as if he’s attempting to impress than to express. This same issue is present in a lot of the songs, but not the whole work. Though the best of Chuck’s album are the two powerful songs “Man of The House” and “If We Loved”. “Man Of the House” is a powerful balled writen about a boy who takes charge with his father on the road and “If We Loved” is about how much better the world would be with love and forgiveness. These are probably the only two unique songs in the album. A third may be “When You’re Single” which is an odd explination of the downsides of being single for to long. A great voice and great songwritting make this a decent album, but sappy vocals and over and under performance in parts take away from its glory. Still not a bad debut attempt.


4 Stars


1. All I Ever Wanted
2. Good Time Comin’ On
3. Stealing Cinderella
4. If We Loved
5. When You’re Single
6. Starting Now
7. The Easy Part
8. What If You Stay
9. She’s Gonna Hurt Somebody
10. Mine All Mine
11. Man Of The House


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